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My sister said I shouldn't mention that this page is currently under construction I won't be doing that anymore....

I don't believe it -- I've actually replaced my nice clean uncluttered old page with one that contains a picture (but it is a nice shot of me, although a little wild-eyed and bushy-haired).

My mugIn an effort to comply with the principles of Ethicom I'm still attempting ensure that this page is readable, no matter how your browser's colours are set. Since I'm forcing a background image, I also have to force a foreground text colour. If I didn't force a text colour it might happen that your browser's default text colour is the same as my background image colour, and the text would be invisible to you. Just in case you happen to have background images disabled I also have to force a background colour, otherwise it might happen that your default background is the same as my text. Now I also have to force the colours for hypertext links, activated links and visited links, just in case you have them set to my background colour too. At this point you no longer see any of your colour preferences, and I wouldn't be in the least offended if you hyperlinked yourself out of my universe altogether.

I think it's about time I provided some content. Some time ago my father wrote out, in Dutch, many of the nursery rhymes he sang to me when I was young. I've provided the translations, and fully intend to add the music and maybe some audio files as well. If you know where I can get appropriate graphics of musical notes (preferably on a staff, suitable for stringing together) please let me know.

Let me spend some time introducing you to my family or let you in on some of my hobbies.

I have a resume online. I'm always willing to discuss new opportunities with potential employers, either for full time employment or contract work for SOBAC Microcomputer Services. Previously I offered to have you download my resume in WordPerfect 5.1 format. Not only is that out-of-date, but I have found it more convenient (not to mention prettier) to provide a resume as an HTML file with the links removed. This is suitable for faxing or printing. FWIW, this style of resume is called a "Functional Resume". More common is the "Chronological Resume", but after being in the workforce for a while it becomes too cumbersome -- I want potential employers to read this, after all!

You can get my pgp key online or via e-mail. Speaking of e-mail, I finally got Pegasus Mail working as an auto-responder. I'm hosting a Humour List, to which you can subscribe or unsubscribe through e-mail. Have a look and join the fun!

Seems everyone has their favourite links online. So, me too. The Netscape Bookmark file I use at home, and the Bookmark file I use at work. Note that these are updated frequently, unlike the rest of this stuff :-(

Hobbies & Interests

Only one non-computer hobby, really -- SCUBA diving! In 1983 I certified with Steel City Sport Divers as a Basic Open Water diver. In 1987 I got my Assistant Instructor certification, and now I'm an ACUC Open Water Instructor, certification number ACUC 903EA.

I haven't been too active over the last few years. There was a period where we had no car (don't need one if you live in Toronto and make use of the TTC), and a young son keeps you too busy to spend weekends away from home. I have been keeping involved in Underwater Canada, a convention for sport divers. I don't actually dive here, I'm on the Audio Visual crew assisting with the film show.

OK, the end of my rambling for now. Stay tuned, more to come later.


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