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Family Pictures from 2000

Opa sitting in front of the computer, 26 Kbytes, 384x267
What Opa does all day

Opa working on Bob's basement wall, 17 Kbytes, 320x240
Opa really at work

Opa and Oma in front of the camera for a voice chat
My point-of-view in a Chat Window

Oma and Opa chatting again...
What's he writing now?

...and some stuff from the past...

Bob staring down the camera
Is that thing on?

Willem staring down the camera
Yes, it is!

Bob and Willem playing with the Giggle Stick
Can I have it now, Dad?

Willem's plain face, 5 Kbytes, 160x120
What, more pictures?

Willem, Oma and Tante Trijn in the sandbox, 17 Kbytes, 320x240
Getting up with some help

Willem with a snarky face in the sandbox, 37 Kbytes, 240x180
OK, I've had enough!

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