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^ Family Pictures from 2001

Pappa thinkingMamma
Pappa en Mamma

Mamma at the computer
Mamma hard at work

Uncle Bobby, helping out with our Family Tree

Danny and Pooh in cribDanny Montgomery in cribDan and Danny Montgomery
The newest addition to the family: Daniel Richard Montgomery, shown here with his dad, Dan Sr.

Wina en Klaas Jonkman op de duinen
Recently discovered cousins, Wina en Klaas Jonkman
(picture courtesy of Klaas Jonkman)

Oom Henk, Tante Griet and their great-grandson, Gert Jan Boersma
(picture courtesy of Grietje Boersma)

^ From the Archives

Holland, 1967

Mamma en Nienke in de HollandsestraatWubbo en Nienke in de Hollandsestraat
Hollandse Straat: Mamma en Nienke; Wubbo en Nienke

Familie Jonkman op het vliegveld
Ready to go to Canada

^ Opoe Jonkman, 1986

Newspaper clipping of Opoe Jonkman
Mrs. Trijntje Jonkman-Stegewans: "I can handle the busy-ness well".

Klaas Jonkman sent me this picture of my grandmother on her 100th birthday, along with a newspaper column:

Newspaper column about Opoe Jonkman's 100th birthday LEEUWARDEN - The oldest resident of the old-age home Greunshiem, Mrs. Trijntje Jonkman-Stegewans, hopes to celebrate her hundredth birthday tomorrow. On the occasion of the party, eleven family members came from Canada to Leeuwarden. "Seeing my family together I find even much nicer than the fact that I'm turning one hunderd", says Mrs. Jonkman. On the programme is a reception in the morning at the old-age home, and later in the day a reception, a cold buffet for seventy people and a party in the hall Het Westen. "I don't mind all the busy-ness. I've asked for live music at the party, because I like that", tells the alert Greunshiem- resident.

Mrs. Jonkman was born in Kollum. For years, she was in domestic service in Leeuwarden and Den Haag. With her husband, who passed away in '77, she lived in Kollum and Leeuwarden: 43 years in the Merelstraat. After that, an apartment in De Kei, after which she moved, eight months ago to Greunshiem, where her 91-year-old brother already lived. "Ik see poorly and hear poorly and so I can't read, watch television, or do crafts much any more. What I can do is keep my room neat. I like to work, and always make my own cup of coffee".

Eight children were born, of whom four are still alive. Further there are 20 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren and even a great- great-grandchild. Seven times did Mrs. Jonkman visit her children in Canada, the last time in '66. Her son tells of that last visit: "She met many friends and acquaintances of ours. If you ask her now, she still remembers all their names, while I have difficulty with that!"

^ Orrville Vacation, 1997

Willem, close upWillem sewingWillem the photographer
How Willem spent a week at Diamond Lake, Orrville

Mamma Slapen
OK, we need a rest...

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