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Internet Projects

Just for the fun of it, I'm participating in a couple of projects on the Internet. Since I first tried to get my neighbour, Yvonne, involved I've named the project teams

The table banner above was orginally designed for the SETI at Home project , but now I'm using it for any projects called Neighbours.

^SETI at Home

Sadly, since SETI@Home switched to the BOINC software the Neighbours team no longer exists.
SETI At Home banner

This is a distributed computing project which uses the idle time of your computer to analyze data from the Arecibo Radio Observatory to look for patterns of data. I've been running the screen saver on a couple of computers for several months. I've also coerced some others into running it, and you can see how well we've done on our Stats page . Of course, you're welcome to join our team !

The only problem with the SETI at Home project is that it takes CPU cycles away from:

^ Distributed.Net

The granddaddy of online distributed computing (at least, the one with the highest profile). I joined Distributed.Net after a PGP keysigning session where all the participants were eagerly awaiting the solution to a DES encryption challenge. Although I joined the project a year after its inception, I figure I'm doing rather well for a newbie. It helps that I was running a test lab of three or four computers at the time, and have had access to a number of other computers since then. And, of course, I've got friends and neighbours joining the search...

I used to have a single link to "our" stats page, but things have become a bit more complicated now that Distributed.Net is running multiple projects.  The table below should give you plenty of access into the various statistics areas, or you can check the statistics for everything .  If you don't see your own entry on a particular stats page it's probably because you're using an older client that isn't capable of running the new project stuff.  Go to the Distributed.Net Client Page for an upgrade.

Team Overall RC5-64 Team Overall OGR-24 Team Overall OGR-25
Team Summary RC5-64 Team Summary OGR-24 Team Summary OGR-25
Project Overall RC5-64 Project Overall OGR-24 Project Overall OGR-25

^ True Neighbours

OK, so William and Ryan are really friends from work, and Larry is really my brother-in-law, and Yvonne is really a former neighbour (my current neighbours include Ron Ron Weber , whom I haven't yet convinced to run any of these projects). Neighbours or not, the name for the project sticks -- in fact, I'd like to invite everyone to be a neighbour!

(c'mon Ron, get the Distributed.Net Client and come join us -- there's room left for your mug in the banner!)

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