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Fixing Frequent Contacts Address Book problems

A GroupWise user writes:

I get the following error when I send an email to a distribution list:

"Some addresses are undeliverable and have been crossed out. Would you like to go to the address book to resolve them?"

I can't see which ones are crossed out.

This is likely due to invalid addresses in your Frequent Contacts Address Book.

To fix problems with invalid addresses being pulled from the Frequent Contacts Address Book follow these instructions:

^ Removing existing Frequent Contacts

  1. Open the Address Book by clicking on the "Address Book" button in the toolbar
    Toolbar button: Address Book
  2. Click on the "Frequent Contacts" Address Book
    Address Book - Frequent Contacts
  3. Select all addresses by pressing CTRL+A
    Address Book - Frequent Contacts selected
  4. Press "Delete", then click the "Yes" button on the "Address Book - Question" window
    Address Book - Question

^ Preventing Frequent Contacts problems

To prevent this from happening in the future the Frequent Contacts Address Book should be removed from the "Name Completion Search Order":

  1. Open the Address Book by clicking on the "Address Book button
    Toolbar button: Address Book
  2. Select "File, Name Completion Search Order"
    Address Book - File menu (Name Completion Search Order)
  3. Highlight "Frequent Contacts" in the "Selected books" window
    Name Completion Search Order
  4. Click on "Remove"
    Name Completion Search Order - Frequent Contacts removed
  5. Click on "OK"

You may want to add your Personal Address Book to the "Selected books"; this will allow you to type in the names of entries in your Personal Address Book rather than having to select them from the Address Book list.
Name Completion Search Order - Personal Address Book added

^ Synchronizing your Personal Address Book

Finally, the Personal Address Book should be synchronized:

  1. Click on your Personal Address Book (with your name on it)
    Address Book - Personal Address Book
  2. From the menu select "File, Synchronize, Current book".
    Address Book - File Menu (Synchronize)

It is possible that the names inside distribution lists won't be updated for missing entries, since that entry is no longer visible in the Novell GroupWise Address Book. In that case you'll have to remove the invalid entries by editing the distribution list...

^ Advanced: Customizing the Frequent Contacts Address Book

To ensure that the Frequent Contacts Address Book doesn't contain invalid addresses you can turn it off.

  1. Right-click on Frequent Contacts and select Properties
    Address Book - Context menu
  2. Click on the "Options" tab, and click on the button for "Auto-saving off".
    Frequent Contacts Properties - Auto-saving off
  3. Click "OK"

If you do need to use your Frequent Contacts Address Book it is recommended that it only be used for out-going contacts.

  1. Click the button beside "Auto-saving on"
  2. Uncheck the boxes for "Save addresses of items that are received"
  3. Check "Save addresses of items that are sent" and "To external sources (Internet). Leave "To internal sources" unchecked.
    Frequent Contacts Properties - Auto-saving on
  4. Click "OK"

This will ensure that Junk Mail doesn't clutter your Frequent Contacts, and since internal addresses aren't included they will never get out of synchronization.