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The Marketing of Pegasus Mail

You can help promote Pegasus Mail by adding a signature to your outbound mail, or by placing one of these buttons on your Web page.

^ Large Signature

Dario Truglio offered the following text signature to be added to all mail:

       \_     ,
       \~-._ |\
        \   ~\ )          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////////
         \_  //'          -       P O W E R E D   by         -
  ,;;\___(  (.-~~~-.      -     P E G A S U S   M A I L      -
,;'' /    ~--   /._`\     -                ***               -
     ) /--.._, )_  `~     -       http://www.pmail.com       -
    /~'`\    `\\~~\       -                                  -
   "     "   "~'  "       //////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

^ Small Signature

Being of the old school, I thought that signatures should be limited to four lines of text, so I created my own:

        |\ _ 
        _\/'>    Powered by Pegasus Mail 
      /|__)      http://www.pmail.com
       ) )\     

No, I'm no artist... This signature is freely available for the taking!

^ Button Graphic

Depriving myself of sleep, I went one step further and created this button graphic at the suggestion of Ray Todd Stevens :

Powered by Pegasus Mail

Feel free to steal this button for your own pages, and, even better, improve it and send it back!

For those of you into that kind of thing, here is how I created it: I captured the Pegasus Mail icon from the executable file WINPMAIL.EXE, and blew it up 16x using LViewPro. I saved it as a Windows .BMP file, and used Windows 3.1 Paintbrush to add the text and the version logo freehand. Back to LView to reduce it back to original size, and saved it as a .GIF file. No, certainly no artist...

^ Transparent GIF

Doran Barons has added to the wealth, and contributed this Pegasus Mail button as a transparent GIF. Glad to have them, Doran!

Transparent GIF


From:         "Doran Barons" <doran@brandx.net>
Organization: Digital Village Radio 
To:           <bjonkman@sobac.com>
Date sent:    Fri, 28 Aug 1998 23:34:10 -0800 
Subject:      Pegasus Mail Graphic 


I lifted your Pegasus Mail button and am going to start messing around 
with it. For now, I've created a small transparent GIF using the 
unicorn graphic from your button. I've attached it. If you like I can
send a couple more later on after I work on it. 

Take care, 


Digital Village on KPFK Los Angeles, 90.7 fm. Saturday Mornings at 10am 


The Digital Village link has changed to http://www.digitalvillage.org/.

^ Java Button

Markus Wiedemeier took me up on my "Pegasus Mail Button Improvement Challenge":


Date sent: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 01:36:07 +0200 
From: markus wiedemeier <pingu@tin.it> 
To: <bjonkman@sobac.com>
Subject: Improved Button Graphic 

find attached two new buttons... they work with a script, which you can 
find on my WEB pages at: 


(Please feel free to copy them and the script!) 

Note that the link to Markus's web site has changed to <http://www.pegasusmail.tk>

The two Pegasus Mail Java Button images:
Pegasus Mail Java Button Up Pegasus Mail Java Button Down

The Pegasus Mail Java Button in action:
Pegasus Mail Java Button

The code below has some subtle error that causes it to break when using Microsoft Internet Explorer. I have neither IE nor enough Java savvy to find it or fix it. If you do, please let Markus and me know so we can fix our pages!


The error appears on MS-Internet Explorer v3.x only -- it works just fine for v4.0 and higher. This leads me to suspect the error was not in the Javascript code, but in the Javascript interpreter of MS-IE 3.0...
<!--this is a the script that moves the button---> 

<SCRIPT language = "JavaScript"> 

change = new Image(); 

change.src = "2pegasus.png"; 

normal = new Image(); 

normal.src = "3pegasus.png"; 

function change_image() {document.num01.src = "3pegasus.png";}

function normal_image() {document.num01.src = "2pegasus.png";}


<!--end of the script for moving the button -->
<!--This is the tag to display the button --> 

<A HREF="http://www.pmail.com" target="main"

window.status='A sample Pegasus Mail Button'; 

return true" 



return true"> 

<IMG SRC="2pegasus.png" NAME="num01"
ALT="Pegasus Mail Java Button" HSPACE=6 BORDER=0 HEIGHT=60

<!--end of tag the display the button --> 

Thanx, Markus!

In this page: [Large Signature] [Small Signature] [Button Graphic] [Transparent GIF] [Java Button]

Related pages: [Pegasus Mail] [Toolbars] [Bitmaps]

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