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Pegasus Mail Toolbars

^ Custom Toolbars

This page shows some examples of customized toolbars that can be created in Pegasus Mail. Clicking anywhere on a toolbar will display the code required to create it. Save it as TOOLBAR.PM in your mail directory to get your own custom toolbar.

Bob Jonkman's Toolbar

Ulrich Schuerrer's Toolbar

Joop's Toolbar

^ Toolbar Tutorial

I received a question in e-mail asking about creating your own icons for use in the toolbar. That's only possible for Pegasus Mail Extensions that appear on the toolbar, but not possible for the built-in functions. However, it did launch me into an explanation on how to create a custom toolbar for the built-in functions:
From:                   Bob Jonkman <bjonkman@sobac.com>
Subject:                RE: How do I create my own Toolbar.bmp file ?
Date sent:              Wed, 27 Sep 2000 11:48:09 -0400

On 27 Sep 2000 Somebody wrote:

> Hi, I wanna use bitmaps/icons for my button inside the tool bar (Like
> internet explorer does ...). 10x again.

You can't design your own icons for the built-in functions on the
toolbar, you have to select them from the ones included in the Pegasus Mail
program. (for creating your own icons for extensions see Bill Froelich's
Menu Button Extension at <http://www.geocities.com/wrfroelich/>)

A toolbar file is just a text file with one line for each item you 
want to display on the toolbar.  There are five parts to each line, 
separated by commas.  The first number is the "Type" value, which can be a
"0" for a standard button, or a "1" for a small amount of space between
buttons, or a "2" for a drop-down list ("combo box").  

For ordinary icons in the toolbar make the first number "0".  The 
second number is the "control_id", which selects what the button 
actually does when you click on it.  You can get a list of valid 
numbers from the sample BPANEL.TXT file at 
<http://sobac.com/pegasus/bpanel.txt>.  Remember to
add "10000" to the values listed in the appendix of this file.  For
example, a control_id of "10136" performs the same function as the menu
selection "Edit, Select All". The second number must be "0". 
 The third number is the "bitmap_id", the internal code fot the icon
that's displayed.  There's a list of some icons in the BPANEL.TXT file,
but I've got a more complete list at
<http://sobac.com/pegasus/bitmaps.htm>. For example,
the bitmap_id of "1844" displays a sheet of yellow paper with the corner
folded over.  Finally, the last item on the line is the "tooltip", the
text that displays when your hover the mouse over the icon.

For practice, create a file called TOOLBAR.PM in the directory for 
your mailbox location (where your incoming messages are stored as 
files with a .CNM extension).  The file should contain the following line:

0,10136,0,1844,"Select All"

When you next start Pegasus Mail for Windows there will be just the one 
yellow paper icon in the toolbar.  When you click on it all items in the
active window will be selected (f'rinstance, all message text in a reader
window, or all messages in a folder window).

Let me know what success you have with your own toolbars!


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bob Jonkman <bjonkman@sobac.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 18:51
> Subject: Re: How do I create my own Toolbar.bmp file ?
> On 24 Sep 2000, at 2:57, Somebody wrote:
> > In order to use it in my MFC application . . . (using
> > m_wndToolBar.SetButtonInfo).
> Hi:  You don't have to create a bitmap file for the toolbar, just the
> settings for the toolbar itself (in TOOLBAR.PM).  The Pegasus Mail program
> itself will create the toolbar based on the functions and the icons you
> choose in TOOLBAR.PM
> To create my Web pages on toolbars I used a screen-capture utility like
> "PrintScreen" to copy the Pegasus Mail display to a .GIF file, and I used
> that image on the Web page.  The .GIF file of the toolbar is never used
> by Pegasus Mail itself.
> Let me know if this doesn't properly explain what you're asking...

In this page: [Custom Toolbars] [Toolbar Tutorial]

Related pages: [Pegasus Mail] [Marketing] [Bitmaps]

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