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Kitchener Waterloo Cryptography Interest Group


The KWCrypto wiki is for:

  • Information
  • Education
  • HowTos
  • Ideas
  • Event Planning
  • Meeting minutes, news, reports, &c.

Feel free to log in and edit this page, or make additional pages! Send an e-mail to Bob Jonkman to get a Username and Password on this wiki.

Have a look at the help on editing to get started.

Mailing List

The KWCrypto Mailing List is for anyone who wants to ask questions, get answers, and participate in the discussion about interesting cryptography.

Sign up for the mailing list on the KWCrypto web page. You can view the KWCrypto mailing list on the Gmane archive, no signup or registration required.

Guidelines for Key Signing Parties

KWCrypto Upcoming Events

Come join us on the KWCrypto mailing list to discuss upcoming events.

Also check the Cryptoparty Kitchener-Waterloo page (which should be pretty much identical to this one)

No upcoming events at the moment

There's also a list of KWCrypto Past Events.


Got Crypto docs? Upload them to the KWCrypto ownCloud