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Nursery rhymes in Dutch

When I was a youngster growing up in Holland my father and mother, Jan and Antje Jonkman, sang nursery rhymes to me in Dutch. Many of these came from my fathers mother, Nienke Jonkman-Stegewans, and some of these are in Frisian.

I hope to expand these pages to include some appropriate graphics, the music, and even some sound files (rhymes with sound files are marked with a music note Music Note). If you should know of any sources for those things, please let me know!

^ De Kinderhoek

3 March, 1999: I just found out about Rob Hiddinga's Web site on Dutch nursery rhymes, De Kinderhoek. If you're looking for rhymes, seasonal songs, or poetry you should certainly check it out!

15 February 2013: Sadly, De Kinderhoek is no longer online.