SOBAC Microcomputer Services

Software, Office and Business Automation, Consulting

SOBAC Microcomputer Services
Bob Jonkman , President and Owner
6 James Street
Elmira ON N3B 1L5

Voice: +1-519-669-0388
Cell: +1-519-635-9413

^ About SOBAC Microcomputer Services

SOBAC Microcomputer Services was founded in 1987 by Bob Jonkman and incorporated provincially as 987213 ONTARIO INC. in 1992, and federally as 9024816 Canada Inc.

In 2021 SOBAC closed down. The SOBAC name continues to have a presence on the Internet in order to maintain ownership of the trademark, and for pro bono work by Bob Jonkman.

Please contact Bob Jonkman at

^ Frequently Asked Questions

^ What does SOBAC Microcomputer Services do?

SOBAC originally created customized software for small businesses to automate their business processes. In 1987 the microcomputer software market was still in its infancy, and off-the-shelf applications were inadequate for business process automation. Software was clumsy to use, and could not be configured to work with a particular business' operating practices. SOBAC Microcomputer Services created software and provided integration services to eliminate the shortcomings of the day's software.

Since then the market matured, and many excellent office automation packages are available commercially. em>SOBAC Microcomputer Services concentrated on integrating these off-the-shelf applications with networking and communications technology.

^ Why are your Web pages so plain?
As an information provider SOBAC is dedicated to providing content over form, and to the widest audience possible. In order to accommodate as many browsers as possible a conscious decision has been made to restrict the use of graphics and colour, as well as most of the browser-specific features so common on the World Wide Web today. This decision allows just about anyone to access these pages with even the simplest of browsing tools.
^ This is not the SOBAC I'm looking for!
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