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Monday, 15 October 2018 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm iCal
Meetup Event
The Parlour in First United Church, 16 William Street West, Waterloo, Ontario Map
Event Announcement
Training/Announcement 2018-10-15

How complex is your Non-Profit organization? Does your newly hired staff need training on your policies and procedures? On your products and services? On your software and hardware? What happens when you change procedures, get new products, update your software? Does your existing staff need training? How do you supply the training? On the job? In the classroom? Online learning courses? And how do you manage the training administration? Keep track of results? Determine who is eligible for additional training?

At this months' round table discussion let's talk about our experiences in providing training to staff, or receiving training to be better SysAdmins. How can the Non-Profit SysAdmin help deliver and track training for our organizations' training requirements?

In a future session we'll discuss providing education to the clients of our organizations; this month let's focus on internal training.

--Bob Jonkman & Marc Paré