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French Second Language school teacher ... presently on disability leave due to crushed spinal column (3 times). I am also a (past) harpsichord tuner-technician (tune/repair in historical correct practice) and also a (past) piano tuner-technician -- unable to continue due to my spinal injuries.

  • Volunteer with a local early music group: Nota Bene Baroque Players. I am Treasurer, General Manager, and of course anything tech-related. Nota Bene Baroque Players.
  • Volunteer with LibreOffice (marketing) since it's birth in 2010. LibreOffice
  • Volunteer on a number of other opensource projects when I have the time -- but mostly from the "user experience". Some of these projects are: Zikula; Mageia.
  • I am also on the discussion list to many opensource projects, but the most interesting for me is the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) "Non-profit Accounting Project" discussion list NPOAccounting.
    • This project is of particular importance for Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) in that, most "Fund Accounting" software packages are extremely expensive, as is fund accounting services. The SFC NPOAccounting project proposes to create an opensource "fund accounting" software suite for the US NPO region, and build the suite in such a way that other regions (such as Canada) could build a compatible "Canadian module". I am participating on the discussion list and hope to participate/commit more in the future once the NPOAccounting suite is completed and ready for modules. The project has just completed its first phase, but had ground to a halt due to lack of funds to hire dev help. Fund accounting is quite a lucrative enterprise and, as expected, there is little interest in giving help to the project from any organizations
    • ... although ... recently, there has been some movement from an organization called "Open Petra" OpenPetra where they are proposing the same as the SFC and are more advanced ... they are also getting some dev help from their proprietary coded Petra project ... the OpenPetra project looks most promising.
  • I also focus on the use of opensource solutions and operate a personal project where I volunteer aid seniors who need help with keeping their computer systems in good working order. To those who agree, I install Mageia Linux, along with all opensource software. Their Linux boxes are maintained remotely (unfortunately, I use TeamViewer for the remote work, as I have found this to work flawlessly and is quite intuitive to my "clients"). I have approx. 40 clients on my list. This is a free volunteer service.

My main website: parEntreprise