Bio-en Citizens Response Group background material

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Preliminary report prepared for MPP Leanna Pendergast.
This provides a general survey of the problems with the Bio-en proposal
Commentary derived from the Guidelines for Selecting Suitable Sites for biogas Plants
This an examination of this important European Commission document which discusses in some detail the appropriate location of Bio-en plants
Guidelines for Selecting Suitable Sites of for Biogas Plants
Please note that this very important document is focussed in large measure on the economic realities of such plants.  It was prepared under the aegis of the European Commission in order to facilitate planning for such sites in the new Eastern European member countries.
Communication from Ron Ormson and Ed Speers
This is a detailed critique of the Bio-en proposal, originally posted in Feb. 2010.  It contains quite a few valid concerns which are not covered elsewhere in this material. These include the process for complaint and questions about how they will be dealt with in case of future problems with the plant. The reports of the Engineering and Planning Departments of the Township of Woolwich also deals with this problem from a slightly different point of view.
Emission survey from Jerry Heidbuurt
This is a critique of the emissions predictions of the company which has been prepared by Jerry Heidbuurt, a professional engineer with much experience with odour management
History of poorly planned chemical and rendering plants in Elmira presented by Ed Speers to a public meeting Sept 22 – 2010
This is a report on the long history of businesses in Elmira that have presented serious odour problems and which have been forced to relocate or close down in consequence. More specific information will be presented on this subject as we develop our protest. This report also addresses some of the problems of real estate values in Elmira.
Report to the Elmira Business Improvement Association (BIA)on Heavy Truck Traffic.
This contains a detailed analysis of heavy truck (3 axles or more) traffic in downtown Elmira).  This is based mostly on the detailed professional traffic counts available from the region.  There are some traffic counts (Fergus and Listowel) that were made by members of Bio-en Citizens Response Group when professional counts were not available. This report also contains some suggestions for the development of the Elmira business centre.
Talking Points on traffic movement in the downtown core presented by Mike Hicknell
This clarifies the serious traffic problems in the downtown core and concludes by asking a number of very important questions. The Elmira Citizens Bio-en Response Group feels that these question cannot be answered satisfactorily if the Bio-en plant is permitted to be located as proposed.
Slide Show of Downtown Elmira
This slide show provides a very clear picture of the layout of downtown Elmira.  Please note that there is clearly no important access to the proposed plant site except directly through the centre of town.
Best estimation of truck traffic flow to and from the proposed Bio-en plant
This provides an explanation of why the Elmira Citizens Bio-en Response Group feels that the number of 70 truck passes per day is the most likely number.
Bio-en power traffic slide
This is the slide used by Bio-en power in its presentation to the public.
Response to Bio-en power traffic slide
Request from the Woolwich Council for a public meeting to review the Bio-en proposal Sept. 10 2010
Since the proposal has not as yet been reposted, this meeting has not so far taken place.
Professional report from the Township of Woolwich (Engineering and Planning) March 2009
This is an important document which outlines the zoning and engineering concerns of the professional staff of the Township of Woolwich.  The report makes it clear that prior to the Provincial Green Energy Act, the Bio-en project could not have proceeded without a zone change since the area in which the plant is to be located is zoned light industrial/dry and zoning in the area prohibits all forms of recycling. The project is extremely water intensive, it is heavy industry, and it involves recycling.
Professional report from the Township of Woolwich (Engineering and Planning) March 2010
This contains further engineering details and requests. The report is of the opinion that if all of the requirements of the Township are met it should be possible for the plant to go ahead as proposed.  It should be noted that the township engineers underestimated the amount of water required by the operation since it did not consider water for cleansing purposes nor water needed to maintain the bio-filter. Perhaps most significant, the report made no mention of the impact of truck traffic on existing corridors, saying only that the company would be required to contribute to the maintenance of those corridors. At one point mention is made of the fact that the plant shall not interfere with future traffic corridors. In concluding that the project could go ahead providing that all requirements are met and ignoring the zoning bylaws pertinent to the region, it is clear that in doing so it would be a considerable stretch requiring a willingness to overlook the concerns of nearby residents.  We note here the engineering staffs concerns about the adequacy of fire fighting provisions.  
Health studies on the dangers of diesel fumes
There is so much information now available on this subject that more time will be needed to summarize the material.  Viv Delaney, a professional nurse currently working at the Toronto General Hospital, has undertaken this task.  A number of useful URLS are provided here as a starting point.
Diesel Health in America
This is an especially convincing summation of the problem published in the USA in 2005.  When reading this it is useful to bear in mind that it is fair to say that downtown Elmira is currently experiencing an extraordinarily high passage of diesel fuelled traffic.
Response to the most recent flyer circulated by Bio-en
The flyer contained a wealth of misinformation which is refuted in this document
Response to the company’s claim that David Suzuki supports its project
Representatives of the company, particularly Chuck Martin, have repeatedly made the claim that David Suzuki supports the technology involved. This is the Bio-en CRG response and clarification of this claim
Stop the Stink Questions for our political representatives
These are some of the questions that we might ask of our political representatives.<
Proposed letter to Toronto newspapers (MPS)
This has not yet been submitted, pending the response of MPP Pendergast.  It sums up the political situation (MPS)
Letter to the Elmira Observer (MPS)
This letter was published in part by the Observer
Letter to MPP Leanna Pendergast (MPS)
This is an appeal to MPP Pendergast to act on behalf of the environment. It also makes the case that the opponents of Bio-en are informed, green-friendly citizens.
Letter to the Observer in response to complaints that Elmira residents are resident to any and all change
Letter to the Independent and the Observer in response to the theft of signs
Letter to the Independent from Derek Potma touching on the Provincial Green Act.
Letter to the Observer from Derek Potma on Green Energy and Global Warming
Urls to Bio-en power site and draft proposals
Important URLs for background information