Bio-en CLC Meeting Minutes, 10 September 2013

These minutes were mirrored on 31 October 2013 from (PDF file, 151 kBytes).

CLC Meeting September 10, 2013- Minutes

  1. Call to Order
    Earl Brubacher called to order the meeting of the CLC in the Dodie Hurnmel Room at the
    Township of Woolwich offices in Elmira at 7:00pm.
  2. Roll Call
    The following persons were present:
    Earl Brubacher, Marg Tassy Kreller, Robert Musselman, Earl Martin, Michael Purves-Smith,
    Kevin Martin.
    Absent: Doug Thomas, Jerry Heidburt, Bob Gray
  3. Approval of minutes of July 9, 2013 meeting
    Earl Brubacher presented the minutes and asked if there were any comments or questions.
    Questions & Comments: none
    Motion to accept the minutes – Robert Musselman, seconded by Earl Martin. Carried
  4. Woolwich Bi-En – Construction update
    Earl Brubacher advised that equipment is arriving, concrete is being poured. The CHP building is done and the engines are on site, but there is still a lot of internal work to be completed.

    Question from the public – Sebastian Siebel Achenbach – as to when construction would be complete. Earl Brubacher advised construction work expected to be complete by end of calendar year. Sebastian followed up asking when operations would begin; Earl advised by the end of the year; however, there will be a six month ramp up period before the plant is fully operational.

    Sebastian also enquired if the model being used for the plant was based on a European model and if there were any significant variations to meet the criteria here. Earl advised that the European model is based on energy crops and the model being used has been designed for the feed stocks to be used here, so there will be some slight variations. The actual construction will be done to Canadian standards. The feed stocks used impact on the design. The plants in Europe are using primarily energy crops, while plants in the UK are using food waste feed stocks, so the model being used by Woolwich Bio-En is closer to the UK model. The UK plants have been in operation for a number of years.

    Earl responded to a question regarding whether Woolwich Bio-En would be using biomass feed stocks grown specifically for biogas generation indicating that it does not work economically.

  5. Questions arising from previous meetings:
    Robert Musselman posed a question regarding the amendment to the REA regarding the flare, asking for clarification. Earl Brubacher replied that the REA is now set to what it should have been in the beginning, in line with a land fill or waste water treatment facility. The amendment removed the requirement to have a flare temperature of 850 degrees F. However, the flare has been designed to supplement with natural gas and attain the high temperature, if required at some time in the future.

    A question regarding the temperature monitoring requirement was posed, and Earl Brubacher replied that the company had asked to have it reduced, and the MOE eliminated the requirement completely.

    Robert Musselman further asked what percentage of methane is required in order for the gas to flare. Earl Brubacher replied he was not sure, but the engines will operate with about 40% methane.

    Earl Martin commented that the purpose of the high temp was to negate potential odours, and that when the methane percentage is low is when the flare would need to be supplemented with natural gas to ensure that there are no odours. Earl Brubacher advised that during the start up phase the percentage of methane will be low, and flaring of excess gas will require natural gas supplement to flare with no odours.

    Michael Purves-Smith commented that the bottom line is that the company is committed to ensuring that there are no odours; Earl Brubacher replied yes.

    Robert Musselman asked what is the operating percent of methane – Earl replied is usually around 60%, but can vary depending on the feed stocks being used.

    Earl Brubacher reiterated that the flare will only be in operation when the engines are down for service and the gas storage is full.

    Michael Purves-Smith asked if the flare could be used to mediate odours if the membrane system failed; Earl Brubacher replied no, the flare and the membrane are separate systems.

  6. Other Business
    Earl Brubacher advised that Frey Dairy Farms was awarded a 250KW FIT contract and Woolwich Bio-En will be supplying the gas to operate the engine.

    Chuck Martin advised that the intent is to deliver gas, but also potentially to deliver heat to the dairy farm that could also be used to generate electricity under their FIT contract.

    Sebastian Siebel-Achenbach asked what percent of the total production of the biogas plant the dairy farm contract would comprise. Chuck Martin advised it would be under 10%.

    Michael Purves-Smith reminded the committee that the appeal process resulted in Woolwich Bio-En agreeing to provide a letter of credit to be used to support scientific research and peer review regarding complaints, but on a dollar for dollar matching principle. The CLC and Woolwich Bio-En would fund the work equally, up to a maximum of $25,000 each ($50,000 total). The funds can only be accessed if requested by the CLC. Michael would like the CLC to approach the Township of Woolwich Council to request that the Township agree to fund the CLC’s financial commitments The committee members discussed various methods of approaching Woolwich Township Council regarding getting their financial support. Contacting the parties to the original appeal was suggested in order to obtain their support in any presentation to the Township of Woolwich.

    Michael Purves-Smith, Robert Musselman and Marg Tassy Kreller volunteered to put together a presentation to be made to the Township and bring a draft back to the CLC at the next meeting for review, edit and finalization. Chuck Martin is willing to join in the presentation to ask for Township support when the CLC decides to approach the Township.

    Motion – by Michael Purves-Smith – to create a subcommittee to prepare a presentation to Woolwich Township Council to request a letter of credit or otherwise financially support the CLC in providing the matching funding to allow the CLC to access the funds to support scientific research and peer review regarding any potential complaints raised by the public.
    Seconded – Earl Martin; carried.

  7. Next Meeting:
    Monday November 4, 2013 at 7:00pm

    Location – Dodie Hummel Room at Township of Woolwich offices

    The public are welcome to all meetings.

  8. Adjournment
    Motion to adjourn by Robert Musselman, seconded by Marg Tassy Kreller. Carried.

    Earl Brubacher adjourned the meeting at 7:52m.

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