Bio-En CLC Meeting Minutes, 7 May 2013

(mirrored on 26 May 2013 from, .PDF file, 130 kBytes)

CLC Meeting May 7, 2013 – Minutes

  1. Call to Order
    Earl Brubacher called to order the meeting of the CLC at Woolwich Memorial Community Centre, Concourse Cafe in Elmira at 7:00pm.

  2. Roll Call

    The following persons were present:
    Earl Brubacher, Doug Thomas, Marg Tassy Kreller, Robert Musselman, Earl Martin, Gerry Heidiburt, Michael Purves Smith.

    Absent: Bob Gray, Kevin Martin

  3. Approval of minutes of March 12, 2013 meeting

    Earl Brubacher presented the minutes and asked if there were any comments or questions.
    Questions & Comments:

    1. Michael Purves Smith asked about the status of the Contingency Plan (Discussion, IV. (g)) to be distributed to CLC members. Earl replied that it had been provided to the Township of Woolwich and invited to comment on it. No response has been received. Still awaiting Township comments prior to submitting to the MOE for approval.
    2. Spelling error noted, Discussion, IV (e) – “dully” to be edited and changed to “duly”:

      • quorum meeting – business can be called at any duly called meeting by members
      • Duly called meeting (meaning) all members have been notified or regular called meeting

    4. Michael Purves Smith requested clarification on meaning of a quorum; discussion ensued and decision to modify IV (e) to read:

      • Business can be conducted at any duly called meeting by members, where a duly called meeting is a regular meeting or a meeting of which all members have been notified.

      Robert Musselman moved to accept the minutes as amended. Seconded by Michael Purves Smith.

  4. Woolwich Bi-En – Construction update

    Construction update provided by Earl Brubacher. Construction has begun – dirt has been moved, some concrete poured, conduit laid, rebar installed. Construction of the storm water management pond is complete and waiting for sign off. Some foundation walls poured for the CHP building.

    Services – water, sewer installation still in progress. There is sufficient road foundation to accommodate heavy trucks, via Martin’s Lane

    Question was raised about visiting the site. All visitors to the site must report to the office and notice displayed that unauthorized persons not allowed beyond certain points. Hard hats are required as it is a construction site., however, the site supervisor will likely be reluctant to too many people on site during construction due to liability concerns.

  5. Other Business
    1. CLC Member Terms of Service

      Michael Purves Smith asked Earl Brubacher for a report on responses from CLC members regarding Terms of Service. To date, only Kevin Martin and Michael Purves Smith have replied to Earl. Michael suggested that a nomination committee be formed to approach CLC members to discuss their commitment and to work out a schedule of terms so that half of CLC members are on for a one year term and half on a two year term.

      Moved by Michael Purves Smith to create the nomination committee to determine the duration of committee membership for the first term and to approach members to discuss their individual desires; seconded by Doug Thomas.

      Volunteers for the committee: Doug Thomas and Michael Purves Smith

    2. Requirement for minimum flare temperature of 850 degrees C

      Gerry Heidiburt presented his concerns regarding Woolwich Bio-En’s request to remove the requirement for a minimum flare temperature of 850 degrees C and only monitor the temperature. Gerry was opposed to this change. He did not feel that this issue should be left in the control of Woolwich Bio-En. The MOE should determine the standards that need to be met, and the company needs to monitor and record to validate that the standards have been met.

      Earl Brubacher advised that only one manufacturer could be found to build a custom flare that was capable of attaining the 850 degree C temperature; but natural gas fuel will need to be supplemented in order to guarantee the 850 degree C temperature. Land fill gas, waste water treatment flares, almost 100% are monitoring only with no minimum temperature. Polling of various consultants indicated normal practice is just to monitor and record temperature, but not guarantee a minimum temperature.

      The request for change has been submitted to MOE, and Woolwich Bio-En is awaiting their response. Depending on MOE response, the company may still be required to guarantee the minimum temperature. Request for change was based on the fact that the vast majority of flares in the industry are temperature monitoring only.

      The flare will only be activated when there is surplus gas (i.e. engines down for service). It will not be operated 24×7 like a land fill or waste water treatment flare.

      Michael Purves Smith raised the following questions:

      • what is the CLC role with regards to the change request
      • is there any danger by not flaring at the high minimum temperature

      Safety – is it safer for the community if the MOE minimum temperature is attained? High temperature will guarantee incineration of all odours; no potential for explosion, as temperature will be modulated / maintained at a constant temperature similar to a furnace.

      CLC role – if MOE decides that change request is approved, then it will go into the EBR and public may comment on the amendments.

    3. Other items discussed:

      Following discussion of the above, a number of questions were raised:

      Question – regarding the visit to the Leamington bio-gas plant; do they have a flare? Yes, but it is just a standard, off-the-shelf flare with no minimum temperature, just temperature monitoring.

      Question (Marg Tassy Kreller) – regarding the flare flame – is it open? the flare will be fenced in and the burner head will be installed at a height of 8 metres

      Question (Michael Purves Smith) When would flaring occur, day time or night? Flaring would occur when routine maintenance is scheduled, normally during off-peak hours.

      Question (Robert Musselman) – what is the pressure inside the bio-film dome? 10 millibar, or 1/4 PSI.

      Question (Doug Thomas) – Will Green Box refuse be allowed as inputs into the digester? The permit allows, but it is not a priority of the company. It is possible, but not likely on start-up, as there are other more readily available inputs.

      Question (from the floor – Alan Marshall) – Will Region of Waterloo approach Woolwich Bio-En dispose of bio-solids? Earl Brubacher replied that he did not know. It would be up to the Region. Bio-solids are not ideal inputs for the digester.

      Question regarding the construction schedule? Can the CLC see the schedule? Earl Brubacher advised that the target date to start taking material into the digester is December 1, 2013. Mahlon Frey responded from the floor that there are various schedules in place for different construction processes.

  6. Next Meeting:

    July 9, 2013 at 7:00pm

    Location to be determined.

    The public are welcome to all meetings.

    Moved by Doug Thomas, seconded by Earl Martin. Carried.

  7. Adjournment

    Earl Brubacher adjourned the meeting at 8:01pm.