The Elmira Bio-Fuel Citizens’ Committee has successfully negotiated a settlement with Woolwich Bio-En to install a Citizen’s Liaison Committee to monitor the biogas plant’s operations.

The BFCC was represented by Eric K. Gillespie and Associates at the appeal tribunal and at the mediation negotiations. Those legal costs, along with flyers, meeting room rentals and newspaper announcements comes to $14,000, and that bill is now due.

The BFCC has received some generous donations from some Elmira citizens to pay a portion of these costs, and has received pledges to pay for another portion.

But the bill is not yet paid — please help us with your contribution. $10, $50, or $150 from everyone who has expressed concern about the plant will go a long way towards paying the BFCC legal costs.

Contributions can be made at the Toronto Dominion Bank in Elmira to Account 2392 521 2499 which is in the name of “BFCC”. If you prefer, you can drop off a cheque with Viv Delaney at 34 Church St. E. (next to Bolender Park), or contact Dan Holt at 519‑210‑2121 and he’ll come pick it up. Receipts will be issued if requested.

Your contributions ensure a liveable future in Elmira.