Bio-en CLC Meeting Minutes, 9 July 2013

These minutes were mirrored on 4 September 2013 from (PDF file, 2.8 MBytes).

CLC Meeting July 9, 2013- Minutes

  1. Call to Order

    Earl Brubacher called to order the meeting of the CLC in the Dodie Hummel Room at the Township of Woolwich offices in Elmira at 7:00pm.

  2. Roll Call

    The following persons were present:
    Earl Brubacher, Marg Tassy Kreller, Robert Musselman, Earl Martin, Jerry Heidburt, Michael Purves-Smith.

    Absent: Doug Thomas, Bob Gray, Kevin Martin

  3. Approval of minutes of May 7, 2013 meeting

    Earl Brubacher presented the minutes and asked if there were any comments or questions.
    Questions & Comments:

    1. Michael Purves-Smith asked about the status of the Contingency Plan. Earl Brubacher replied that the company had followed up a number of times with the Township to see if they any comments. The Township did not reply and the Contingency Plan was submitted to the MOE for approval without any comments from the township in order to meet the submission deadline. No response has been received to date from the MOE. The company is waiting for the report from the MOE.
    2. Jerry Heidburt asked about the status of the request for the flare temperature change. Earl Brubacher advised that the request was posted to the EBR (Environmental Bill of Rights) on June 20, 2013. The deadline for comments was July 5, 2013 (15 days after posting to the EBR). Earl did not know if any comments were submitted and the MOE has not advised of any objections. The company has not followed up, but expects a reply from MOW within the next few weeks.

      Jerry expressed his disappointment that no notice of the amendment to the C of A (Certificate of Approval) regarding the flare temperature was given to the CLC members. He thought that notification would be given to all CLC members. He indicated that he was upset that no one was notified that the amendment was posted to the EBR to allow them the opportunity to comment on the EBR website. Jerry recommended that all CLC members comment on the EBR posting, regardless of the deadline being passed.

      Earl advised that in order to meet the construction deadlines the company has ordered the custom flare that is rated to burn a the 850°C, the temperature originally specified by the MOE.

      Further discussion by all CLC members regarding communication by the company to the CLC regarding the amendments to the C of A. Micheal Purves-Smith asked how the flare will be used. Earl indicated taht the company intends to operate the custom order flare at the 850°C temperature, and reiterated that landfills and waste water treatment plants do not have a minimum temperature requirement. for the a resulted in the following motion by Earl Martin:

      1. That notification of all proposed changes to the MOE C of A be made to the CLC members before submission to the EBR and that documentation be made available for CLC review, and
      2. that the date of the EBR posting be communicated to all CLC members.

      Motion was seconded by Jerry Heidburt.
      Vote was called, all were in favour; motion carried.

  4. Woolwich Bi-En – Construction update

    Construction update provided by Earl Brubacher.

    The CHP (Combined Heat & Power) building is up, but the roof still requires work.

    Work continues on the main Process building.

    Pouring of concrete to the tank bases will commence this week.

    Equipment will start to ship from Europe in the next few weeks.

  5. Other Business
    1. Report of Nominating Committee by Michael Purves-Smith

      Michael Purves-Smith circulated the Nominating Committee report. (Copy of report attached to these minutes.)

      Motion by Michael Purves-Smith to accept the proposed resolutions. Seconded by Robert Musselman.


      Jerry Heidburt advised that he will be moving to Drayton, but indicated his commitment to continue as a CLC member. He wanted to advise the CLC that he would be moving out of the local area.

      Earl Martin asked a question regarding the logistics of Resolution #5. Point of clarification – the Nominating Committee Chair and Vice Chair will meet in July and August to propose a slate of candidates for the September meeting.

      Vote was called, all were in favour. Motion carried.

    2. Question was raised regarding when CLC members might tour the site? Possible dates?

      Earl advised that the preferred time would be when construction is “substantially complete” so a date sometime in November or December is anticipated. Until this time the site is a construction site, and the liability risks preclude visitors from walking around the site.

    3. Question raised if there are building plans available for viewing?

      Earl advised that the building plans are available fro review at Woolwich Bio-En Offices at 4 Arthur Street North, Elmira. If anyone would like to review the building plans, please contact Earl to make an appointment.

  6. Next Meeting:

    September 10, 2013 at 7:00pm

    Location – we will try to book the Dodie Hummel Room at Township of Woolwich offices again.

    The public are welcome to all meetings.

  7. Adjournment

    Motion to adjourn by Michael Purves-Smith, seconded by Earl Martin. Carried.

    Earl Brubacher adjourned the meeting at 8:01pm.

    Woolwich Bio-En CLC Meeting, July 9th, 2013-07-09

    Report of the Interim Nominating Committee

    Resolution 1:

    That the year of the committee be from September 1 until July 31st
    Moved, Doug Thomas; seconded, Michael Purves-Smith

    Resolution 2:

    That committee members be elected for two year terms.
    Moved, Doug Thomas; seconded, Michael Purves-Smith

    That four should continue and that four new members should be elected each year
    Moved, Doug Thomas, seconded, Michael Purves-Smith

    Resolution 3:

    That starting in September 2013 the following four be elected for two year terms:

    • Jerry Heidbuurt
    • Robert Musselman
    • Marg Tassy Kreller
    • Doug Thomas

    Moved, Michael Purves Smith; seconded, ?

    Resolution 4:

    That starting with September 2013 the following four be elected for a one year term with the understanding that they are eligible for re-election the following year.

    • Bob Gray,
    • Kevin Martin
    • Earl Martin
    • Michael Purves-Smith

    Moved, Doug Thomas; seconded, ?

    Resolution 5:

    That a Nominating Committee consisting of the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the CLC be responsible for presenting a slate of candidates to the first meeting of each year.
    Moved, Doug Thomas, seconded; Michael Purves-Smith

    It is understood that Woolwich Bio-En will always appoint a member to the committee.

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