Bio-En CLC Meeting Minutes, 22 August 2012

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MEETING MINUTES Reference No. 046254
PROJECT: Woolwich Bio-En
CLIENT: Woolwich Bio-En CLIENT REFERENCE NO.: 046254
RE: Communitee Liason Committee
LOCATION: Lion’s Town Hall DATE: August 22, 2012 TIME: 7:00 pm

Earl Brubacher, Bio-En | Chuck Martin, Bio-En | Sarah Tebbutt, CRA
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Item Description Action By
1 Presentation by Sarah Tebbutt to explain preliminary CLC terms of reference, time commitments, and ask for nominations. It was stressed during the presentation that the terms of reference presented were at minimum
2 Questions and statements from public participants were taken. Questions and statements included differences between minutes of settlement and preliminary terms of reference. It was explained that the settlement would be discussed once the CLC was formed and that the information presented was the minimum requirements. ST, EB, and public participants.
3 Question was asked about a site tour during construction and it was relayed that it would be dependent on safety and timing how ever it could be requested during a CLC meeting. ST, public participant
4 Question was asked about public participation at meetings and it was relayed that the public would be able to attend meetings but could not participate unless they requested a spot on the agenda or the chairperson allowed it. It was relayed that a spot could be requested by contacting Earl Brubacher or the chairperson and that agenda’s, meeting times/locations and minutes would be posted on Bio-En’s website. ST, public participant
5 Question was asked about the selection chairperson and vice-chairperson. It was relayed that they will be selected by the CLC and that a chairperson/vice chairperson will be appointed and/or reappointed every year. ST, public participant
6 Nominations were requested again at the conclusion of the meeting. Four (4) people who attended the meeting nominated themselves and one (1) additional person was nominated who did not attend the meetings. ST, public participant
7 Nominations will be accepted until the CLC selection committee meets which is tentatively scheduled for after September 25th, 2012. ST

Attachments: Sign-in sheet, presentation
Prepared By: Sarah Tebbutt
Date Issued: Aug 23, 2012

This confirms and records CRA’s interpretation of the discussions which occurred and our understanding reached during this meeting. Unless notified in writing within 7 days of the date issued, we will assume that this recorded interpretation or description is complete and accurate.