These documents about Biogas and the Bio-En proposal are available either on this server or on external sites.

Documents (other)
A collection of other documents from the Elmira Bio-Fuel Citizen’s Committee, Woolwich Bio-En, and the Ministry of the Environment.
Bio-En CLC Documents
Bio-En Community Liaison Committee meeting minutes and other documents mirrored from the Bio-En Power Inc. website.
Presentation to the Woolwich Township Council
Text of the presentation by Dan Holt to the Woolwich Township Council on 22 February, 2011
Presentation to Council on Bio-En Appeal
This presentation was made by Vivienne Delaney and Michael Purves-Smith to Woolwich Township Council on Monday, 16 April 2012

We represent the official appeal submitted by six local Elmira citizens to the Environmental Review Tribunal. We are here to preserve and improve the quality of life in Elmira. [to Council:] This is your job as well. We are not here to stop Mr. Martin’s Bio-Energy project; we are here to stop it in Elmira. We want it to be relocated appropriately[…]

Guidelines for Selecting Suitable Sites for Biogas Plants
This Report is addressed towards project developers such as SMEs, engineering companies, farming associations and individuals who strive to implement biogas plants in their home country. The Guidelines enable these target groups to undertake the necessary steps in order to define suitable sites for biogas projects in their region. The Report was written with the support of the European Commission and published in April 2008. (more)
Bio-en Citizens Response Group background material
Annotated Table of Contents
MoE Documents
These documents have been mirrored from the Ministry of the Environment web site.