MOE Web site for Bio-En is updated

It looks like the Ministry of the Environment site for Bio-En was updated on 19 April. I’m not sure what was changed, or if this is a new page. [This is a URL redirect to the MOE web page]

Looks like the proposal is only in the “Received and Screening” stage at the moment.

I’m tracking this page with ChangeDetection, which sends me an e-mail whenever the MOE page is updated. If you want to keep on top of things you can subscribe to the ChangeDetection change log for the Ministry site.

Update 6 May 2011: The URLs for both the MOE Woolwich Bio-En Inc. page and the change log for the Ministry site have changed! Please update your bookmarks!

Update 21 May 2011: URLs have changed again!

Update 4 June 2011: And again…

Update 19 June 2011: Again…

[Update 1 July 2011: MOE status changed to "Under Technical Review"; URL changed again too. Links above have been updated]

[Update 4 July 2011: Enough already. The URL on the MOE site has changed again, so I’m creating a URL redirect: and the Change Detection Log is — these URLs should be consistent even if the MOE changes its URLs again.]

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