It has come to my attention that the Woolwich Township Council meeting this coming Monday, the 16th, beginning at 7 PM will be on Rogers TV. This is a golden opportunity to make the wishes of the residents of Elmira known to not only the Council, but others in the Region and the Ministry of Environment regarding the bio fuel plant to be built in Elmira.

Therefore, BFCC is calling all of you to bring yourself, your friends, and your family to make a public protest at the Woolwich Township building Monday evening. Bring whatever signs and placards you wish to express how you feel about the approval of the bio fuel plant by the MoE.

Meet in the parking lot behind the building around 6:15 to 6:30 in order to organize. We are hoping to be there when the TV cameras arrive and let everyone know just how we feel about being disrespected and disenfranchised by the MoE.

This could be a great gathering and show of unanimity or only a handful show up which will be an embarrassment. Let’s show up and let them know we still care and support Mayor Cowan’s on-going efforts to get this mess moved out of Elmira.

Please pass the word and plan to bring everyone you know Monday at 6:15 to the Township building on Church Street.



Dan Holt, Ph.D.

519 210 2121

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