Spill leads to questions about truck traffic

In August 2010 a truck rolled over in Glen Morris. It was carrying the same kind of material that would be trucked to the Bio-En biogas plant.

From The Brant News, 5 August 2010.

Spill raises questions

A truck carrying organic waste and animal by-products tipped over its side in Glen Morris

County of Brant Mayor Ron Eddy will be looking into having trucks rerouted around Glen Morris at an upcoming public works meeting following a truck spill on East River Road early Thursday morning.

A Rothsay rendering truck carrying protein waste and animal bi-products tipped onto its side at about 2:30 a.m., spilling its contents onto the lawn of the County of Brant Public Library, Glen Morris branch.

“It was a very large spill,” Eddy said. “It was very disruptive to the village and citizens in the village and certainly the ones close by.”

The semi-liquid mess from the truck was cleaned up by the end of the day on Thursday, but the spill has left lingering questions about the safety of trucks travelling along village roads.

Eddy said some trucks coming out of Waterloo are directed down Highway 24 A because the Region of Waterloo won’t allow them to travel through Ayr.

That means the trucks have to travel down East River Road on their way to Highway 24.

“There hasn’t been a truck turn over before, but there is a lot of traffic going through there, which is a village street, which isn’t built for handling that traffic in my opinion,” Eddy said.

Eddy said he plans to bring up the issue at a public works meeting next Tuesday. He hopes to either have trucks rerouted away from Glen Morris or have a four-way stop established in the village to slow trucks down.

“We were very fortunate that (the truck) didn’t take a very important hydro pole out that has heavy duty hydro lines and that it didn’t damage the Glen Morris Public Library,” Eddy said.

Some of the spill did touch the library’s outer walls, but has since been cleaned up.

Library service was unaffected, said Chris Scrivener, branch co-ordinator for the County of Brant Public Library, Paris Branch.

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  1. Carl says:

    probably on its way to turn into hotdogs. whats the big deal?

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