BFCC Public Meeting covered in the Observer

There’s a nice write-up in the Observer of last Monday’s public meeting in Bolender Park.

Group rallies against biogas plant

June 15, 2012 By: Colin Dewar

More than two years into the battle, a group of Elmira residents has no intention of letting up on its opposition to a proposed biogas plant. On Monday the Bio-Fuel Citizens Committee (BFCC) held a rally at Bolender Park in Elmira, where close to 50 people attended in the rain to hear an update on the fight against the Woolwich Bio-En project.

Micheal Purves-Smith at BioFuel Public Meeting, 12 June 2012

BFCC member Michael Purves-Smith speaks during a rally held at Bolender Park on Monday. (colin dewar / The Observer)

The bio-energy facility won provincial approval in March despite reservations from the township and some residents. The operation will use an anaerobic digester to convert organic material into methane that, in turn, fuels a generator to create electricity.

“Things are still happening so don’t give up hope and don’t give up the fight,” Dr. Dan Holt, a member of the committee, told the rally attendees. “A lot of things are still being looked at and we are working on some things: it is not a done deal yet. The contract has been awarded for this location but there are still some negotiations being done. We have had a strong, unified voice.”

Residents in town are concerned about the smells, traffic and health risks associated with the plant. The province has already green lit the plant for the north end of town and the committee will be entering mediation over the plant.

[more on The Observer web site]

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