Summary of yesterday’s Public Meeting

The public meeting began at about 7:45 as planned. There were about 60 adults and children in attendance – good we thought, given that it was raining pretty hard through most of the time. We were under a roof so it was OK.

Dan [Holt] began with greetings and a summation of ongoing things with regard to changing the location. It seems as though there is negotiation still under way. Sebastian [Siebel-Achenbach] then thanked all of the members of the appellant group that were present and told the audience that you [Bob Jonkman] were coming and mentioned Derek [Potma] as excused. Michael [Purves-Smith] then reviewed the situation with regard to mediation.

Sebastian then took questions from the audience, most of whom still seem committed to having the plant moved. We asked for pledges for financial support and did receive some. In addition, we alerted people to the need to be vigilant about reporting violations of the strict regulations governing the plant.

There was television coverage from CKCO and both the Independent and the Observer sent reporters. We certainly did draw attention just prior to tomorrow’s mediation. Dan and I also gave interviews to the Record and I have an interview to CKC0. This was mostly a question of availability.

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