Public Meeting to Develop a Community Liaison Committee

Hi everyone: Thanks to Alan Marshall’s blog post, I just found out that there is a public meeting to develop the Community Liaison Committee. It’s tonight, Wednesday, 22 August 2012 at 7:00pm in Lion’s Hall (20 South St. W.)

There’s a notice in The Observer on page 4 (18 August 2012 edition), which reads:

Notice of Public Meeting to Develop a Community Liaison Committee

by Woolwich Bio-En Inc. for Renewable Energy Approval – No. 6428-8LGLBH

Project Name: Woolwich Bio-En Inc.
Project Location: 40 Martin’s Lane, Elmira, Ontario
Date of Notice: 18 August 2012

Woolwich Bio-En Inc. has received a Renewable Energy Approval to operate a Class 3 Anaerobic Digestion Facility that processes organic material using anaerobic digestion to produce biogas which will be combusted to generate electricity and heat.

Woolwich Bio-En Inc. believes that communicating with the residents of Elmira, local businesses and community leaders is important and will be establishing a Community Liaison Committee (CLC). Woolwich Bio-En believes that establishing a CLC will allow for open communication and good community relations. The purpose of the CLC will be to provide a forum to exchange ideas and share concerns with interested residents and members of the public.

Bio-En will be holding a public meeting on August 22, 2012 from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Lion’s Hall (20 South Street West) in Elmira, Ontario. The purpose of the meeting will be to explain the preliminary terms of reference for the CLC, time commitment expectations, and to answer questions regarding the format of the CLC. Bio-En will also be requesting volunteers from community members that are interested in participating in the CLC.

Members of the community that are unable to attend the public meeting can contact Woolwich Bio-En if they are interested in participating. It should be noted that all minutes of CLC meetings will be posted at

Contact information:

Earl Brubacher
4 Arthur Street North
Elmira, ON N3B-3A2
Phone 519-669-5171 Ext. 240

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  1. Bob Jonkman says:

    Reading the second paragraph of that Public Notice again, I can only wonder at the sincerity of Bio-En’s desire communicate with “the residents of Elmira, local businesses and community leaders”, seeing as how I didn’t receive any notification at all, and I don’t think the other appellants received any notice either…


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