Conflict of Interest?

It is worth noting that Elmira Mayor Todd Cowan is a member of the Waterloo Hydro Utility board of directors.  Until recently an ‘anonymous’ board of directors, the membership was made publicly available a few weeks ago.  Mayor Cowan paid much lip service to local residents who were working to relocate or stop the Bio-En biogas plant project, giving the appearance of support for the citizen’s group during the lengthy public and courtroom battles, and claiming many times to NOT be in favour of the project location.  Perhaps the mayor’s position on this board shows that he in fact knew much more than he let on, to the point of mis-leading the public in regards the fate of this project, and also to what/who his real intentions and alliances are.  I see this for what it is, just another example of how these people are able to work the system for their benefit, rather than the system working for the benefit of the people.–waterloo-hydro-utility-posts-board-of-directors-names–kept-in-dark-by-waterloo-north




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