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City of Kitchener logo


City of Kitchener Logo

City of Kitchener logo, based on the old clock tower from the former City Hall, now a monument in Victoria Park.

From the City of Kitchener’s Corporate Standards manual:

The Clock Tower as a City Logo:

The City of Kitchener corporate logo is a strong
representation of the character of the city — a modern,
progressive community that embraces its rich and
proud heritage.

The central image of this logo is the clock tower
encompassed by an ellipse. Clock towers have long been a
source of pride for their communities. They are intricately
designed, historically rich and functional. In Kitchener,
the clock tower located in Victoria Park is no different.
As an historic icon, the clock tower symbolizes the history
of our city and our commitment to preserving its heritage.
The ellipse portrays forward movement showing
Kitchener as a progressive global community.

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