Bio-En Construction has begun

As was mentioned at the Bio-En CLC meeting in March, the site preparation for the biogas plant has begun. Construction was well under way this past Saturday, 4 May 2013.

A drainage ditch has been created at the approach to the construction site:


Culvert at Bio-En construction site

That’s a might large sign with mighty little information!

Bio-En construction sign

Construction sign

Here’s a 3/4 round view at the end of the road leading to the construction site:

Panorama of Bio-En construction site

Bio-En construction site (full size)

And don’t forget the upcoming CLC meeting on Tuesday, 7 May 2013, 7:00pm at the Woolwich Memorial Arena.

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2 Responses to Bio-En Construction has begun

  1. Bert says:

    I can’t tell you how pissed off I am at Woolwich Town Council. Todd Cowan made a big noise when we elected him about how he was against this and would fight against it. He folded like a house of cards and did NOTHING for us. He was too busy playing nice with Dalton McGuinty. Mr. Mayor, if you see this, I will NEVER vote for you or anyone else in council again. Who is going to pay me the amount my property value has depreciated ?

    • Bob Jonkman says:

      I think it all came down to power and money. Mayor Cowan had no power to make changes that were legislated by the provincial Green Energy Act, and there was no financial advantage to Bio-En to move a different location.

      By the time we heard of the Bio-En proposal they had already invested a lot of money in site plans, approvals, and getting an electrical hookup from the Ontario Power Authority, not to mention they already owned the land. Any move would have required starting back at the beginning, paying anew for plans, approvals and the hookup, as well as buying the land. I think that only an order from the MOE would have been able to move the biogas plant; certainly there was no money in it for Bio-En.

      About the only thing we can accuse Mayor Cowan of is his false assurances that he could influence the location of the plant.


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