Biogas: social opposition in Europe and beyond

Girl holding sign: Save Elmira, No Bio-Gas Plant

Save Elmira

Italian writer Michele Corti writes about the anti-biogas movements around Europe in the blog Sgonfia il Biogas (“Deflate the Biogas”).

The original article is in Italian, but there is an English translation called Widespread opposition to biogas plants and greend economy in several countries.

Elmira gets a mention, as do other proposed biogas plants in Ontario.

In Ontario (Canada) fighting against biogas arouse in various places (in the photo the protest signs of RAGE (Residents agains greed economy) in Norfolk.

In Southwest Ontario (Canada) a large biogas plant using urban organic waste has been authorized in Elmira in spite of a fierce community opposition.

Signor Corti quotes from our own Elmira Independent’s opinion column Arrogant, or just irresponsible? from 10 May 2013:

In Elmira, the building permit has already been issued for the Woolwich Bio-En plant, in spite of local opposition. But, of course, we’re not in Mississauga and Oakville, so our opinions hardly matter.
This is cynical politics at its best. We deserve better than this.


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