Notes from the CLC meeting on 6 November 2013

I took some notes at the Community Liaison Committee meeting held on Wednesday, 6 November 2013. These are not the official minutes; I’ll post a link to the Bio-en CLC Minutes page when I see them appear there.

  • Construction update: Lots of activity.
    • A pre-treatment tank has been installed, one digester is done.
    • The floor for the repository tank is to be poured.
    • Q: Height? The tallest builing is 14 metres, the exhaust stack is 28 metres. The bubble domes are about 14 metres. The flare is about 8 metres high.
    • Construction is slightly behind schedule. It was behind at the start because of delays in obtaining building permits, slightly ahead during the summer, now behind again because of the rain.
    • Start of operations will be sometime in January 2014.
    • Acquisition of feedstock will take about three months.
    • The first power test will be in February, the first power for feed-in in March.
    • Waterloo North Hydro won’t be ready for power feed-in until February.
    • The base for the stack was laid today (6 Nov 2013), the stack will be raised the next time the crane is available.
  • Michael Purves-Smith circulated a document with the text for presentation to Council to request matching funds for technical research.
    • There was discussion on whether advance notice should be sent to the Councillors, the media, members of the BFCC, or the appellants.
    • The CLC will send a notice, but not the actual document itself.
    • Chuck Martin will represent Woolwich Bio-en in the presentation to Council.
    • Robert Musselman and Marg Tassey Kreller will represent the CLC.
  • Who is responsible for announcing the existence of the CLC?
    • Woolwich Bio-en has met its obligations by publishing CLC minutes and agendas on their web site.
  • Who informs Council, sends notices, &c? (for Council presentation)
    • Michael Purves-Smith will do that.
    • Make sure Chuck Martin is available for the proposed presentation date.
    • Can CLC get confirmation from Woolwich Bio-en of their Letter of Credit prior to the presentation? Earl Brubacher will find out.
  • Tour? Still too early; maybe end of December.
  • There will be no “Grand Opening”, no press release to the media.
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, 7 January 2014.
    • Meeting will likely be at the Woolwich Community Centre.
    • Woolwich Township has stated that since the Community Liaison Committee has no Woolwich Township staff members on it, they can no longer use the rooms in Woolwich Township hall.
    • Department of Safety (?) may require hard hats, safety shoes and an occupancy permit for a tour, so the decision for a tour date will be made at the next meeting.

My thanks go out to Earl Brubacher of Woolwich Bio-en for patiently answering all my questions, even though I am not a member of the CLC.

Also have a look at Alan Marshall’s CLC meeting report on the Elmira Advocate.


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