Hi to all,
Just a quick update so you know that we are still working on our problem.
I have been in touch with MPP Pendergast’s office several times and we are trying to work out a meeting time with MPP Pendergast. She is in Toronto a lot these days so it is not easy to schedule a meeting, but we are trying. By the way, her aid has indicated that she is sympathetic to our cause of relocating the bio-fuel site.
Mayor elect Cowan has been in contact with both the Ministry of Environment and Energy and is trying to sort things out with them. He is working on this for us and trying to straighten out some confusion at this point. He will be sworn in on Dec 7th so I’d say he is doing pretty good considering he isn’t even “on-the-clock” yet. He is to keep me updated on his progress and is hopeful that we can resolve the situation in the near future…let’s hope he is correct.
Just so you know the public meeting on Nov 30th, put on by Bio-En, is part of the revisions they were required by Ministry of Environment to perform prior to re-submission of their application.
Thanks to all of you for hanging in there. We are gaining ground. Keep talking to your neighbors and family and friends. We need to keep the public eye on all this…don’t let them “out wait” us and lull us to sleep on this. It is your air…your property value…and your quality of life we’re talking about.

Dan Holt, Ph.D.
519 210 2121
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