The time is coming soon…we need to be extra alert to the web site announcing that the application for the Bio-En facility is ready for our feedback at the Ministry. Tuesday evening was the final public “meeting” for the Bio-En application requirements so I would say that they will be sending the revised application back to the MOE very soon.

BE ALERT. We only have a short period of time to respond to point out that the application is not accurate or appropriate or stating best practices. We need ammunition…and we need to be prepared to respond quickly. Put your thoughts together.

We have been quiet for the past couple months, but we need to rally the troops again to let the powers that be know that we are still alive and kicking. Please tell your friends, neighbors, and family members to come back on line…the bickering is over. We stand united in this cause. This is serious and we need your, and their, help if we are to protect our future, our air, our way of life, the vitality of Elmira, our health, and our property value.

This fight is far from over…it is NOT a given that Bio-En will win. Even though the past couple months have been quiet that doesn’t mean that we have not been working. We have gained valuable allies, we have finally gotten through the bull and know the truth, and we have a new Council and new Mayor. The MOE knows who we are and frankly are shocked that this type of thing is once again being pushed on Elmira. We have a reputation for not lying down and letting corporations walk over us so we need to once again fight. We know how…we’ve done it before and we can do it again.

Thanks to all of you and keep those signs up.


Dan Holt, Ph.D.

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