Elmira Biogas Plant In The News Again

After a few weeks of nary a mention, suddenly the biogas plant planned for Elmira’s north is in the news again.

First, the Elmira Independent reports on the Ministry of the Environment’s refusal to hold a public meeting in Elmira regarding Woolwich Bio-En’s biogas proposal.

Next, Gail Martin, the Elmira Independent’s editor, asks What, exactly, is the Ministry of the Environment so afraid of?

Finally, in the local high school online newspaper, “Lancer Lines” Becca Ellig says there should be No More "Stop The Stink".

Pull up a chair, grab a newspaper or a computer, and do some reading.


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  1. Bob Jonkman says:

    The Woolwich Observer gets in on the reportage too: Sparks fly over electricity, rising prices.

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