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Hi to all,

Hope you are enjoying the last days of snow and cold. Remember these days in August.

I am writing because I want you to have the presentation I made to the Woolwich Township Council last Tuesday evening. The article in the Observer states that Councilman Bauman accused me of “fear mongering”, which is true…he did. Download (MS-Word .docx, 37.6 kBytes) I have attached the entire presentation so that you can make up your own mind. I don’t think that “fear mongering” is necessary because the truth is scary enough. The charge came because I used the Bio-En figure of 80 trucks per day which is what they have in their application. Yes, they have stated that it wouldn’t be that many if approved, but as I state in the presentation we only have what they have put in writing to go on and if approved there would be no way to limit that number since it would be approved. They state, not in writing, that they intend to only use about 7-15 trucks per day and the 80 is only for a short period during the spring when they need to haul the fertilizer by-product to farms and/or to clean the facility to do maintenance. I, as you will read, state in my presentation that they say they will use less than 80 trucks, but the accusation was still made. You be the judge.

If you have any questions please contact me. Remember the new signs are available at 2 Duke Street across from the Home Hardware store…go up the drive to the small white shed with the sign on it and they are inside ($5 donation/each please). Maybe if you are getting one you could get some for your neighbors and save them the trip. Since we are still blessed with piles of snow feel free to put the sign in your window until the snow melts.

We are making progress and I hope to have some more news in the near future.

Thanks for all your efforts and support. Keep the faith.


Dan Holt, Ph.D.

519 210 2121

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