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Elmira Protest Art

This would be very funny if it wasn’t about to happen here.

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Bad News

Well, in a very surprising move the MoE has approved the construction of the Bio-En facility on Martins Lane in Elmira. Below is the web site: We have 15 days to appeal the decision. Rally the troops. I’ll keep … Continue reading

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I can see that people might not want to keep up ugly lawn signs. What we need to understand is that a Monster Bio Gas facility will make Elmira Forever Ugly. It’s not over yet. People need to be reminded … Continue reading

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My presentation

Hi to all, Hope you are enjoying the last days of snow and cold. Remember these days in August. I am writing because I want you to have the presentation I made to the Woolwich Township Council last Tuesday evening. … Continue reading

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Planning Meeting

Happy Friday! Thanks again to everyone who provided information as to their availability for this meeting. Sadly we are unable to accommodate everyone, but with your input we have selected a date which is favorable for the majority of you. … Continue reading

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Letter from Leeanna Pendergast

Hi to all, A brief update. I have just received an email from MPP Leeanna Pendergast (well, her aid Joe Brothers) in which he states:    As you are aware, the provincial government has major interests in promoting renewable energy initiatives.  However, … Continue reading

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Stop The Stink Signs Gone Missing

When our family arrived home last week from a Christmas vacation, we discovered that the “stop-the-stink” sign in our yard was missing. Apparently ours was not the only one to have disappeared. Other residents have complained that almost all the … Continue reading

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