Comments from the Protest

After the Stop The Stink protest rally on 16 April 2012 a book was circulated to the observers attending the Council meeting. Here are their comments:

  • This Bio Energy Project Sounds Great However it needs to be located properly! L.G.
  • Keep the stink out! S.W.
  • I object to the profoundly undemocratic nature of the ‘Green Energy Act’. What has gone on here is appalling. S.S.
  • The plant must move elsewhere. The potential for odour is too large. J.H.
  • Garbage doesn’t belong downtown. L.J.
  • I want to raise my future family in a healthy town. D.N.
  • Way too many trucks in downtown & bad for health. B.N.
  • I have concerns about the trucking, as the trucks are to be covered only with tarps the possibility of leakage is worrisome. P.N.
  • I don’t want to grow up in a town that smells, and has all these trucks! I want to live in a health, non-smelly town!!! O.D.
  • 🙁 C.C.
  • A facility like this should not be located within town limits. C.C.
  • Not opposed to alternative energy, however a country as vast as Canada, surely we don’t need to build plants within city limits. M.T.

About Bob Jonkman

Bob Jonkman is a computer consultant providing services to environmental and social justice organizations.
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