We need your help for the environment

Elmira Protest, Monday 16 April at 5:30pm at Woolwich Township Hall

Elmira Protest Flyer

Hello everyone;

If you can be with us to add your presence to this moment of protest, it would be very useful. We have been persuaded in the past to take a rather passive approach and it has taken us nowhere. This is our first real attempt to make our voice heard loudly enough for politicians to pay attention. We hope for a few moments of television time at this event, which should help us to build momentum as we present our case to the Environmental Review Tribunal. The issues boil down to the health of Elmira and to our need to demand a careful and informed assessment of all environmental projects. The over-arching issue is the fact that a much better location has been found from the point of view of the environment and from the point of view of small town Ontario, for which this case may be shown to be exemplary. The government simply ignored the alternative site. For the sake of us all and for the sake of our children, we need to protest!

Thank you to you all on behalf of the Elmira Citizens Appeal group.

Michael Purves-Smith

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