It has come to my attention that the flyers being put out say to be at the protest Monday at 5:30. Obviously, that is pretty early for some people. For others that will work and some of those who are organizing this will be there early to answer questions and get things organized so come early if you want/can. The schedule, as I know it, is as follows: 5:30 early arrivals for the protest; 6:15-6:30 main protest and hopefully all are there to be seen and heard; I believe there is an “in camera” session for the Council at 6:00; the TV cameras and reporters will probably arrive about 6:30-6:45 (that’s a guess and if something happens elsewhere that is bigger news they won’t show at all); the Council meeting begins at 7:00 and hopefully most of you will stay to show support for Mayor Cowan and the Council as they continue to work on our behalf to relocate this mess.

More as I get it.

Dan Holt, Ph.D.
519 210 2121

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