Another biosolids facility in Waterloo Region?

Waterloo Chronicle.caThe Waterloo Chronicle is running a series of articles on a biosolids facility in the Region of Waterloo. The latest article, entitled Not in my backyard opens with the observation:

Ask a regional councillor from the city of Waterloo or Cambridge what their opinion is of the region’s proposed biosolids heat-drying facility and you’ll likely get the same answer.

I love it – just don’t put it in my city.

The Waterloo Chronicle quotes Woolwich Township Mayor (and Waterloo Regional Councillor) Todd Cowan:

[Cowan], who experienced a similar debate in his town, said NIMBYism is inherent in almost any major municipal project.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a skate park or something like (the biosolids plant), said councillor Todd Cowan, mayor of Woolwich Township. For years he has been fighting with the provincial government to relocate a biogas facility from near Elmira’s downtown to a less residential area.

And we know how effective that’s been…

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