Bio-En Community Liaison Committee Meeting, 12 March 2013

Update 18 March 2013: The minutes of this meeting are now available

Hi everyone: Today I learned of a new Community Liaison Committee Meeting from the Bio-En Web page listing CLC Agendas:

Title: Bio-En Community Liaison Committee Meeting

Lions Hall, 40 South St. W., Elmira, Ontario, Canada
Link out:
CLC Agendas at Bio-En Elmira

Woolwich Bio-en CLC Meeting

When: March 12, 2013
Time: 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Where: Lions Hall Elmira


1. Nov 21/12 meeting minutes
2. Woolwich Bio-en update
– anticipated construction schedule
– submission of draft contingency plan
– upcoming MOE admin amendment
3. Finalize terms of reference
4. Other Business
5. Schedule next meeting


This meeting is also open to the public.

CLC invitees

Earl Brubacher, Chair
Doug Thomas, V chair
Marg Tassy Kreller
Robert Musselman
Earl Martin
Jerry Heidbuurt
Bob Grey
Michael Purves Smith
Kevin Martin
Chuck Martin

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